Senior Assembly, Honoring our Class of 2020
05-19 8:00 pm
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Junior Day Ceremony
05-20 6:00 pm
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Meet The Staff
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Jonathan Merchan
Class of 2020, Jonathan Merchan has been a member of SFPTV since his freshman year. Jonathan does behind the scenes work at SFPTV which includes editing, directing, and cinematography. Jonathan hopes to become a director in the television and film industry, including directing baseball games for the New York Mets
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Brendan Gambeski
Class of 2020. Brendan Gambeski has been a member of SFPTV since he was a freshman. Brendan is the voice of the women's varsity basketballteam, and helps film and broadcast other sports and events at SFPTV. Brendan is aspring to become a sports broadcaster in the future, and attended a sportscasting camp at Hofstra University.
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Katie O'Gallagher
Class of 2023, Katie O’Gallagher joined SFPTV this year and has helped primarily with the recording of the masses at school. Katie joined the club because she wanted a career in YouTube and you need to know how to use a camera to do so. While that has changed she is still interested in film since she wants to become a TV actress but if that doesn’t work out her back up plan is becoming a lawyer.
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Mark Moritz
Class of 2021, Mark has been a member of SFPTV since sophomore year. Mark helps out with many of the live-streams, usually doing camerawork or directing. Mark is aspiring to become a lawyer, but plans to continue with student media in college.
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Sophia Dimont
Class of 2023, Sophia Dimont mostly films the events that happen in the school. Sophia really became interested in the club when she went to the Open House at Prep and walked into the studio for the first time. She was mesmerized by all the equipment. She has always had a passion for creating things, from art on paper to carving a stick in my backyard; She is constantly making things. She had one of the top horror stories in the seventh grade competition. Sophia still is not sure what she wants to be, but hopes to find a way to inspire people.
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Cailey Rodgers
Class of 2023, Cailey Rodgers joined SFPTV this year. She helps behind the scenes with editing. She is very excited to be part of SFPTV, ever since she saw the club during the Open House. She is also a member of the Girls Swim Team. Another passion of Cailey’s is animation, and hopes one day to become an animator.
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Gabriel Gonzalez
Class of 2022, Gabriel Gonzalez joined SFPTV Freshmen year and is one of the three original 2019 members. He has done work with cameras, interviews, and directing, but most of his work is done in the field. Outside of SFPTV he’s an Alvernian, having been in 3 plays (Beauty and the Beast, Shrek the Musical, and Hairspray).

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